"Dogs are my favorite people."

-Richard Dean Anderson

Our passion about dogs, the art of grooming and the well-being of your four-legged family member is why we do what we do!  
Our Philosophy

​​Inspired by every dog we meet and their unique personalities, our philosophy is to create a pet service business that each dog can enjoy, feel safe and have fun in our care.  To achieve this goal, we customize a plan for each pet from bathing to grooming so your dog will feel comfortable.  For the parents of the pets, we believe in the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  Our business will always operate with having the pets best interests in mind.  

Our Passion

​​I was listening to the discussions going on between my team members this past Saturday and it was obvious that we are passionate about all things dogs!  The topics were shampoos on skin types, how to build trust with the new pet client, what tools work best, barking at the spa vs at home and what type of dog would Amanda be.   =)

Every day we strive to do what is right for each pet.  The team is always trying to come up with ideas and solutions to make life with your pet more enjoyable.  We love dogs, it's that simple.

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