Self Service Dog Wash

If this concept sounds new to you, you're not alone!  Self Serve Dog Washes (SSDW) have been around for a decade but there are not many in the Carolinas! 

The idea is for you to be able to bathe your pet yourself but not deal with the hassle of messing up your bathroom or muddying up your yard.  SSDW is inexpensive and provides you with all the professional tools and products of the trade.

We welcome all you Do It Yourself'ers to MDD to check out our elevated tubs so you can enjoy the bonding experience of washing your pup......and we clean up the mess!

**MDD Requires updated shot records on all pets entering the spa

Included in our SSDW Experience

*  Professional, elevated tub with ramp 

*  Apron 

All-Natural professional shampoos, conditioners & products selected by the team based on the health of your pets skin & coat

*  Towels & dryer

*​  The grooming tools you need to finish like a pro!​

Pricing for SSDW

*  $15 per pet up to one hour in the tub


Optional Upgrades

*  $10 nail trim 

*  $10 anal expression

*  $5-15 for face, feet & sanitary trim by Pet Stylist

*  $2 Facial

*  $3 Aloe soak

*  $3 Flea shampoo and soak

*  $5-10 Shed-Free Treatment (price depends on coat)

*  Additional products available on request


Charities we Support through the Dog Wash

The staff at MDD are very passionate about dogs and we try to give back as much as we can into the dog community. 

We donate proceeds from our SSDW to a charity or rescue group.

We will notify you in our newsletter about the charity and how much you helped to contribute to their cause.  

A special thanks to our SSDW clientele - your patronage makes it possible!


The following are the Charities we support.  Please visit their websites, Facebook pages or contact them directly to make additional donations.

If you know of any other local charity to support, please let us know and we will continue to give back to those rescues that need our help!