Recommended Tools for

At-Home Maintenance

The following items we recommend from both Chewy and Amazon.  We were looking for high quality, professional grade items that will work for pet parents and not break the bank!

We continue to search for the best deals, but keep in mind, online pricing changes often, so please do your own research as well.  As we update this list, remove discontinued items and find even more amazing products, we will let you know through weekly emails and Facebook posts.

You may notice, some items we selected are the same brand on both Chewy and Amazon.  We did this so you can find the best deal at the time of purchase.  Other items we chose are from different manufacturers to give you options.

Million Dollar Dog is an affiliate of both companies and receive a small commission when an items is purchased with our links.  We only recommend products that we know will benefit your at-home grooming experience.  We ask that for future purchases, please click on our links.  We set up this affiliate program so we can continue to offer amazing grooming services at a reasonable price to you because of your at-home pet care and maintenance.

If you find products that have worked well for you and think other MDD pet parents may find them beneficial, please share with us and we will pass along your finds to the community!

Please contact us if you have any questions or if any product on this list needs updating.


SUNCO Hydralic Table - Amazon

Flying Pig Non-Hydraulic Table - Chewy

Table Overhead Arm for Non-Hydraulic Tables - Chewy

Belly Straps - Amazon

Grooming Loop - Chewy


7.5" Greyhound Comb - Amazon

7.5" Greyhound Comb - Chewy

Slicker Brush - Amazon

Slicker Brush - Chewy