Taught by one of the Pet Stylists at MDD, we will conduct TWO 30-minute sessions over the online classroom app called Zoom.  Students will download this free app on either your phone or laptop.  **Please determine which device will be easier for you to both video yourself AND watch the teachers with brushing techniques.


Class 1 - we will review the brushes, combs, other tools and products you have on hand.  Based on your items, we will make suggestions.  We will also provide to you names of other tools that may work better for your baby.  We want to see where you plan on maintaining your pup at home.  We will give suggestions to make it safer, easier and quicker.


Class 2 - in case you need to buy products, we will give you as many days as you need to acquire the tools to get the job done properly.  The same teacher will instruct you on proper brushing and maintainence techniques, including how to work with matting, diffcult areas, challenging behaviors from your pet and other brushing at-home questions that may come up.  


The goal of this program is to avoid heavy matting before we return to work to groom your pet.  Lots of mats = higher costs, pain for your baby and a lousy haircut! =)  We want to eliminate all of that and provide a great experience for you and your four-legged family member.


Class schedule is completely flexible!  We will accomodate you as best as we can!


Once you puchase this class, we will contact you over email and get you set up with Zoom, a class time and an email invitation to join the class.



Online 'Zoom' Brushing Class


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