Nail Trim

The importance of maintaining a regular nail trim schedule cannot be understated.  Healthy, short nails aids your dog's ability to walk properly and can eliminate issues with joint and foot pain.


Nail trim is a walk-in service and will be available to you as long as 2 staff members are present in the salon.  The ideal time for the least amount of waiting is from 2-4 pm.  All of our nail trims will be attempted with a professional grinder (Dremel).  If your pet does NOT respond well to this form of nail trimming, then we will use standard nail clipper.


90% of the pets do not like their nails trimmed.  If your dog falls into the category of "despises it" and becomes intensely aggressive or suicidal (will literally hang themselves, dive off the table or hold their breath), we will stop and not complete the nails.  Your pet's safety is our number one concern.  

**MDD Requires updated shot records on all pets entering the spa

Included in our walk-in Nail Trim service

*  Professional, experienced staff members that will get your pet's nails as short as possible 

*  We will use the tool your pet responds to best 

*  We honestly communicate with you if we have quicked the nail (made it bleed), treatment provided as well as your pet's behavior

Pricing for Nail Trims

*  $15 


Nail Trim requiring 2 or more staff members

*  Starts at $20


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