Professional All-Breed Grooming

The staff at MDD take the art of grooming to the next level! Each Pet Stylist apprenticed with a certified groomer from the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).  We have also trained under many professional handlers and breeders in the AKC show world.  Years of training has developed our skills and attention to detail.


Attendance to yearly grooming conventions and grooming seminars is a requirement for all MDD employees.      


The care and compassion that goes into our work shows with each wagging tail that leaves the spa.

Included in Full Body Grooming


*  Consultation with your Pet Stylist regarding haircut requirements and your pet's needs

*  'The Basics' - nails, pads, sanitary trim, ears (cleaning & plucking, if needed)

*  Salon Bath with massage (anals per request)

*  Hand blow drying - we never kennel dry any pet

*​  Extensive brush out

*  Full body grooming with either scissors or clippers

* Follow up conversation with a Pet Stylist

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Pricing for Grooming Services

Million Dollar Dog charges by the HOUR not by the BREED


Our hourly prices are based on the following 5 factors:


1) The weight of your pet - broken down into small, medium, large and extra large (your dog food bag can give you an idea)


2) The difficulty of the haircut - modified show clips, Asian Fusions, and elaborate Doodle do's take longer and are counted as multiple time slot appointments 


3) Length of coat you desire - the longer the hair requires a longer bath, blow dry, brush and clipper time.  It also may need longer clipper guards which takes longer to go though hair than blades

4) The time-frame between appointments - each pet has recommended times between grooms.  Sticking within this time-frame makes the grooms quicker and less expensive.  In addition, the more maintenance you do at home, the less work we have to do in the spa!  We can make a great team and continue to support your efforts at home! 


5) The behavior of your baby and/or other factors - things such as heavy matting, urinating or defecating on themselves, biting, aggression towards the tools and Stylists can all add time towards the overall groom.  Our team will discuss these issues with you fully and come up with a plan to help make the grooming process better for your baby.  


Please call us today and we will provide a quote    

Please note, we require all current shot records for your pet.  If you own a puppy, the first 3 sets of puppy shots are needed as well as rabies.