The Doodle Workshop

Doodle owners asked for it and we delivered!  Welcome to the only customized grooming class specifically for Doodles and their adoring parents!


The complete workshop is 13.5 hours long and broken down into the 6 main areas of grooming your pet safely.  The total program is only $800.   You pick and choose which classes you wish to attend so it is easier on your wallet.  You do not pay $800 all at once, but rather pay as you sign up for each class in the workshop.    Many of our students take the classes in order but spread them out over a series of months. 


The classes all take place on Sunday afternoons, except the mandatory Introduction class which we conduct on Monday evenings.  Each class you bring your tools, bring your Doodle and we teach you how to efficiently groom your pet at home.  In addition, you have constant support from us, fellow students and teachers and recent 'graduates' in our private Facebook Group.

The following is the breakdown of the classes, what you will learn and what you will need:

Introduction to Grooming


$75 for 1.5 hours

You are required to bring to this class,  your pet, tools, pictures of your grooming, bathing, drying areas at home and pictures of the types of haircut you would like to learn.

We will assess everything you have and tell you which tools are right and wrong for your pet's type of coat.

We will go over every inch of your Doodle with you and come up with a customized plan for you based on your schedule, lifestyle and grooming desires.

Pre-Work for Your Doodle

$75 for 1.5 hours

You are required to bring to this class, your pet, the tools and products needed to do nails, pads, ears, eyes and teeth.


This is the first hands-on class where you will safely learn how to trim your pets nails, shave the pads, shave the sanitary area, clean the ears, scissor around the eyes and clean their teeth.


We cover safety issues such as what happens if you quick a nail.  We teach yo to identify and monitor and health concerns in each of these areas.


You will leave this class confident that you can do this at home safely!

This class is not mandatory but every student that has taken the Doodle Workshop has taken this class because they know the importance of proper maintenance of these 6 areas of your pet.

Brushing  Your Doodle

$100 for 2 hours

You are required to bring to this class, your pet, the tools and products needed to brush your pet.


In our opinion this is the class that every Doodle owner should take whether they choose to groom at home or not.  90% of Doodles have the most difficult coat to maintain.  Many can be thoroughly brushed one day to be completely matted the next if they walk outside in the rain. 


In this class, we not only teach you the proper way to brush and comb your baby but we set you up on a schedule so you cannot fail.  When life throws you a curve ball, we have a plan for that too!  We will also go over what is safe to brush and when you just need to shave it off and start all over again.  We cover why mats are painful and what is happening to their skin underneath when you fail to properly maintain at home.


If you ever search pictures of Doodles on the internet, you will always come across the dreaded shaved downs, pelted coats.  Don't be one of them.  We can help!  Don't be a meme:


Bathing and Drying

$100 for 2 hours

You are required to bring to this class, your pet, the tools and products needed to bathe and dry your pet.


The importance of this class cannot be understated.  Bathing and drying a dog is not hard - but there are many techniques that we can teach you that will take the longest and hardest part of the entire grooming process and make it quick and easy.


There is a right and wrong way to bathe and dry.  We customize the proper techniques for you based on the type of coat your pet has and the area you will be bathing and drying at home. 


In this class, we teach you about the dangers of shampoo in the eyes, ergonomic ways to bathe so you do not hurt yourself, what to look for and feel on your pets skin and all the time saving tips to take what could be a 2 hour process and cut that time in half!


This class is great for Doodle parents that may not want to learn how to groom at home want to do regular maintenance that includes bathing in between professional clips.

Clipper Work 

$250 for (2) 2-hour sessions

You are required to bring to this class, your pet, the tools and products needed to clipper your pet.


Please note, this class is a 4-hour class broken down into 2 classes over a few weeks.


In this hands-on class, we teach you how to use a clipper over your entire dog.  We will break your pet down into sections from top-line to toes and we will go over the proper way to handle the clippers over each of these areas.  In addition, you will learn about blade and clipper care so your pricey tools last!  We cover safety and the danger zones that are easy to cut.  We also teach you how to treat each area in the event an accident occurs.


Week 1 we will groom your pet at a length that is a little longer than your actual desired cut.  (For example, if you want your Doodle to be 1/2 inch all over, the first class, we will practice at 1 inch.  The second week, we will come back and you will groom your baby at 1/2 inch).  This gives you 2 practice sessions so you can really work on your technique and see some results.


It is important to note, that at the end of each class, your pet may look unfinished.  Typically, we are not taking a clipper over your pet's head or face.  Also, the feet may look a little silly.  Those things are left to scissoring, which is in the next class.  If you choose NOT to take the Scissoring Class, please be aware that he/she may look a little unkempt.  But do not fear - we always schedule the Clippering and Scissoring classes on the same day so you can leave each class with a finished pooch!

Scissoring Your Doodle 

$200 for (2) 1.5-hour sessions

You are required to bring to this class, your pet, the tools and products needed to scissor your pet.


Please note, this class is a 3-hour class broken down into 2 classes over a few weeks.


In this hands-on class, we teach you how to use scissors on your baby and finish off the entire groom!  Like every other class, we discuss the safety concerns when scissoring, how to hold your tools properly, and care and maintenance.  


Week 1 we will practice scissoring just your pet's head, face and ears.  We will teach you the proper tools to use on each part of the headpiece.  We will show you how to hold your pet still so you can work around the face and eyes in the safest manner.  Week 2, we will practice scissoring legs, feet, tail and body.  


It is important to note, that in the event of a holiday approaching or a big break in the schedule, we may have you stay a little longer and scissor your whole pet in one class.  Although it is not recommended (information overload!) we do not want your baby to look silly when company is at your house!  We recognize that you have been working hard learning the art of grooming and you want to showcase your talents to your friends and family!  Special arrangements will be made in those circumstances.  

For more information, please email us at  In the subject line, please write Doodle Workshop.  We can then send you a free PDF with more information on the workshop.  

Class size is limited to 4 students. 

You must pre-pay for all classes to hold your spot. 

We book out months in advance. 

A class schedule will be emailed to you so you can customize your classes to fit your schedule.

We only conduct classes on Sunday afternoons.  Please do not ask us for any other times.  This is a workshop designed for you, but based on our available schedule.  

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