Salon Baths

Some breeds do not require any scissoring or clipper work but rather just need to be freshened up before company arrives!  MDD provides Salon Baths for these special pups.


Our Professional Bathers are amazing!  Any Pet Stylist will say, that the quality of the clip depends on the skill of the Bathing team.  Our staff are dog lovers that are interested in becoming Pet Stylists.  They begin their careers learning about the art and technique of proper bathing.

The difference between our Salon Baths and the other shops is that we spend a long time on each pet to ensure we get them looking fabulous and as close to shed-free as possible!  We value your business and want to use all of the professional tools at our disposal.  No cage dryers here!  Just some good old fashion hand blow drying!

Included in a Salon Bath

*  Consultation with your Bather regarding pet's needs

*  'The Basics' - nails, pads, sanitary trim, ears (cleaning & plucking, if needed)

*  Trimming the hair between the eyes (if needed)

*  Salon Bath with massage

*  Blow drying by hand

*  ​Extensive brush out


Pricing for Salon Bath Services

Million Dollar Dog charges by the HOUR not by the BREED


Our hourly prices are based on the following 4 factors:


1) The weight of your pet - broken down into small, medium, large and extra large (your dog food bag can give you an idea)


2) Length of coat - the longer the hair requires a longer bath, blow dry and brush time. 

3) The time-frame between appointments - each pet has recommended times between baths.  Sticking within this time-frame makes the process quicker and less expensive.   


4) The behavior of your baby and/or other factors - things such as heavy matting, urinating or defecating on themselves, biting, aggression towards the tools and Bather can all add time towards the overall appointment.  Our team will discuss these issues with you fully and come up with a plan to help make the bathing process better for your baby.  


Please call us today and we will provide a quote    

Budget Baths

Budget baths are best for the short-haired pets that don't need the extensive brushing and drying that helps reduce shedding.  Ideal pets are Boston Terriers, Boxers and Great Danes.  

Included in a Budget Bath

*  Consultation with your Bather regarding pet's needs

*  A great bath to get your pet squeaky clean

*  A quick towel dry and fan drying to dry the remaining coat

* Quick brush over


Prices for Budget Bath

Budget baths are set prices based on the weight of your pet - broken down into small, medium, large and extra large (your dog food bag can give you an idea)

If you would like to include dremeling the nails, it is an additional $10

Please call us today and we can provide a quote

Please note, we require all current shot records for your pet.  If you own a puppy, the first 3 sets of puppy shots are needed as well as rabbies.


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